You’ve found the secret to eternal life in delicious stew form.. Now all you have to do is sacrifice your luscious garden to continually drink that stew till the end of time!

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 43


  • Arrow Keys:  Move
  • X: Pickup/Throw Items
  • C: Interact


  • Keep your health up by drinking stew from the bowl on the dinner table. No drinking directly from the cauldron, that's just bad manners!
  • When your bowl is empty, you need to refill it by scooping up more stew from the cauldron (using your trusty ladel).
  • The stew in your cauldron is not infinite, but you can make more of the delightful drink by tending to your garden. Luckily your vegetables also love the stew - help them grow by watering them, then toss them straight into the cauldron!

~~Fonts by Evee Somepx~~

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Made withHaxe, OpenFL
Tagshaxe, haxeflixel, Ludum Dare 43
Average sessionA few minutes
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Really good job with the camera and the 3D effect!